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Incite.../Insight! Monthly Film Series

Free Public Talks
April-May 2014

A place to meet and talk unmediated by corporations, official spokespeople, religion, political parties, or dogma.

All events are free, on Wednesday evenings unless otherwise noted.
At Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics, 518 Valencia, near 16th Street, San Francisco. Download a pdf of our Spring 2014 calendar here.

Incite.../Insight! Free Film Events

We are proud to announce a collaboration between Shaping San Francisco, The New Nothing Cinema, and the Anthropology and Social Change Department at C.I.I.S. We will screen a film once a month with the focus being on local activism and political history. Held monthly at New Nothing Cinema, 16 Sherman Alley (near Folsom and 7th), on dates listed in calendar below. (Stay tuned for Mar-May film listings!)

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Thurs. April 17, 8:00 pm
"Cincinnati Goddam"

Directed and edited by April Martin and Paul Hill
“Cincinnati Goddamn” is a feature-length documentary about police brutality, judicial misconduct, and the power of grassroots activism in Cincinnati, Ohio. The film focuses on the murders of Roger Owensby, Jr., and Timothy Thomas at the hands of Cincinnati Police. Set against the backdrop of a federal investigation into the city’s policing policies and procedures, this poignant and powerful story of injustice is told through, news reports, first-person accounts and cinema verité footage of the surviving families’ long-suffering battle for justice. In addition to laying bare the emotional toll the deaths of Roger Owensby, Jr. and Timothy Thomas took on their families, just as importantly the documentary details the tactics used by Cincinnati’s grassroots activist community to reform and implement new police policies and procedures. This unapologetically candid documentary will give voice to all black and brown men and their families who have suffered in silence after being brutalized by the police and then shafted by the judicial system.

This is a film screening at our Incite-Insight series, held at 16 Sherman Alley (near 7th and Folsom). It's a bring-your-own-and-enough-to-share drinks and snacks event, free entry.

Wed. April 30, 7:30 pm
Art & Politics: Yolanda Lopez

Yolanda Lopez covers the dynamic history of Los Siete and Mission District politics of the 1970s, but goes much further, both before (in the 1960s) and after (to the present), into her own work as a Chicana artist. With Judy Drummond and Donna Amador.

Wed. May 7, 7:30 pm
Dogs, Density, and Natural Areas

Join us for a moderated panel about the issues associated with human density and respectful dog ownership in San Francisco. After decades of looking the other way, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is proposing to limit off-leash activity to select portions of its lands. Commercial dog walkers and some animal rights groups are opposing this change, and have threatened the extreme measure of dismantling the national park altogether. In 1977/8, Harvey Milk put forth a city ordinance dubbed the ‘pooper scooper law,’ for which he didn't want to put anyone in jail or fine them, but set out to clean up parks through peer pressure and friendly enforcement. Is it again time for San Franciscans to adopt a new paradigm for how we behave with respect to dogs in our natural areas? With Amber Hasselbring of Nature in the City; Brent Plater of Wild Equity Institute, Dominik Mosur, and moderated by Jason Mark of the Earth Island Institute. Co-sponsored by Nature in the City.

Wed. May 14, 7:30 pm
Political Economy of Bees

The plight of pollinators - in particular the honey bee - under the combined stresses of capital and empire, is considered from an unusual perspective. Jake Kosek, a farmer, radical geographer, and apiarist, discusses his researches into 'political entomology', specifically the use of bees as material and metaphor by the US military (foraging for landmines, anti-terrorism weapons).

Thurs. May 22, 8:00 pm
Boy Saloum: La Révolte des Y’en a Marre

dir. Audrey Gallet, 2013
‘Boy Saloum: La Révolte des Y’en a Marre’ is a film by French director and producer Audrey Gallet that documents the Y’en a Marre movement in Senegal which took place from early 2011 through early 2012. The film opens with a Franz Fanon quote: “Every generation must, in relative opacity, discover its mission, accomplish it or betray it.” Through this documentary it becomes clear that hip-hop, new media technology, globalization and youth energy and idealism inspired the Y’en a Marre protest movement. The film is titled Boy Saloum because the founders of the movement all hail from Kaolack, the biggest city of the Saloum province some 200 kilometers from Dakar. People from the Saloum Kingdom were all called Boy Saloum and they are known for their revolutionary spirit.

This is a film screening at our Incite-Insight series, held at 16 Sherman Alley (near 7th and Folsom). It's a bring-your-own-and-enough-to-share drinks and snacks event, free entry.

Wed. May 28, 7:30 pm
San Francisco's Ghadar Party Heritage: 100 Years of Radical South Asian American History

In 1913, students, farmers, and roaming revolutionaries working to free India from British colonial rule came together to form the Ghadar Party, to organize mutiny in India and work towards a secular world of economic and social justice. The party, headquartered in San Francisco collaborated with a variety of Bay Area based freethinkers, labor activists, anarchists, and expats of colonized nations. Though formally dissolved in 1948, the work of Ghadar offers potent lessons for political organizing in the present. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Ghadar Party with a night of history, visuals, theater, and poetry. Presenters include CIIS Ghadar researcher Simmy Makhijani, SF State Asian American studies professor Anantha Sudhakar, and community-based historians Barnali Ghosh and Anirvan Chatterjee from the Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour.