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November 9, 7:30 pm

The Housing Crisis and The Growth Consensus:

What's Wrong with this Picture?

The housing crisis continues to wreak havoc across the Bay Area. Political leaders and planners all agree—growth is inevitable, and to many, desirable. We bring together three sharp critics of the local political establishment and its loony-tune fantasies of endless growth and trickle-down solutions. The hidden power grab in the consolidation of regional government—and the endless manipulations by the banking sector and local zoning rules—continue to throw thousands into penury and homelessness as the inevitable foundation beneath our much publicized “prosperity.”

With Zelda Bronstein (, Darwin Bond-Graham (East Bay Express), and Jennifer Friedenbach (Coalition on Homelessness)

photo: Fire destroyed this (now-demolished) building in January 2015; what will be built here? by Chris Carlsson

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Walking Tours — Fall 2016

Social, historical, and critical tours through San Francisco.

Each 3rd Saturday of the month (except December):

Saturday September 17Beer, Dunes, and Trains: SOMA

Saturday October 15—King (Willie) Tide Tour of Mission Bay

Saturday November 19New Deal Murals, Italian SF, and Trash

Saturday December 10Comix, Underground Press, and Poetry: The Mission You Don't Know


Bicycle Tours
“Cycles of History,” our social, historical, and critical tours through San Francisco by bicycle.

Our fabulous bicycle tours are led by Critical Mass co-founder Chris Carlsson, with help from LisaRuth Elliott.

San Francisco Bicycle Tours

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NEXT BIKE TOUR » Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ecological History (North)

This trip through San Francisco's lost sand dunes, ponds, creeks and coastline will focus on the city from downtown north, covering the heart of the city, the waterfront and Yerba Buena cove, Telegraph Hill, Black Point, and Crissy Field in the Presidio... It's a social, historical and critical tour through the city's ecological past and present. Tour ends at Aquatic Park or Fort Mason Great Meadow.



Explore Shaping San Francisco:

Ecology Emerges poster art by Mona Caron

Ecology Emerges

Discussions and reflections on the history of Bay Area ecological activism, based on oral histories documenting the past 50 years.

Ecology Emerges is an oral history gathering project to explore the past 50 years of ecological activism in the Bay Area and the role that individual and institutional memories play in the development, policy proposals, and interrelationships that together make up the existing networks of ecological politics.  We document the living ecological activist movement, in their own words, but also in a larger context of urban growth and globalization.

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Oral Histories

Oral Histories

Shaping San Francisco, as part of our ongoing work, sits down with people who have stories to tell and conducts oral history interviews.

Check them out here.

"Editor's Pick Tour" from

Comprised of over 1,400 pages, and 2,500 historical photos, the wiki-based archive is the product of hundreds of contributors, regular people who were compelled by the chance to investigate some piece of this City's past.

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